Outdoor Cameras

Boost the security of your property with our prominent outdoor solar cameras. Our products are designed to withstand the toughest outdoor conditions while harnessing the sun’s power, as this innovative surveillance solution offers you unmatched convenience and better peace of mind. Our outdoor solar camera is the perfect choice to meet your security requirements whether you wish to monitor your home, office, or any other outdoor space.

Solar-Powered Efficiency

Our outdoor solar camera harnesses solar energy’s potential, enabling it to operate continuously without requiring frequent battery changes or complex wiring. The built-in solar panels can efficiently convert sunlight into power, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance day and night.

Full HD Video and Clear Audio

Capture every detail with high-definition and crystal clear video resolution. Our solar-powered security camera offers vibrant and sharp images allowing you to identify faces, license plates, and other vital details.

Night Vision Capability

Our wireless CCTV camera outdoors offers superior night vision, equipped with advanced infrared technology. No more grainy or blurry footage; gain an extensive view of the surroundings round-the-clock.

Motion Detection and Alerts

Stay informed about any suspicious activity around your property. The outdoor solar camera features intelligent motion detection technology sending real-time alerts to your email or smartphone, allowing you to take immediate actions whenever required.

Two-Way Audio Communication

Communicate with intruders or visitors using the two-way audio function of the outdoor solar camera. The built-in speaker and microphone enable you to have real-time conversations from the convenience of your smartphone wherever you are, whether you wish to greet your guests or deter potential threats.

Flexible Mounting Options

You can easily install outdoor CCTV for your home wherever you require it the most. The camera comes with versatile mounting options, including adjustable brackets and wall mounts, enabling you to achieve the ideal angle for the best coverage.