Smart Door Locks

You can now upgrade your office or home security with the advanced Fingerprint Door lock. It is designed to offer unmatched convenience and protection, as this cutting-edge device offers a new level of access to control protecting your premises. Bid goodbye to the conventional keys embracing the future of secure entry with our state-of-the-art fingerprint front door lock in the UK.

Fingerprint Recognition

Our fingerprint door lock uses advanced biometric technology that allows you to unlock your door effortlessly with just a touch of your finger. No more fumbling for keys or worrying about stolen or lost access cards.

Enhanced Security

Our smart door lock UK comes with fingerprints that are your distinctive keys. It means unauthorised access is almost impossible, offering you unmatched security for your home, office, or other property. Rest assured that your loved ones and valuable assets are safeguarded.

User-Friendly Design

Our UK smart door lock is designed considering user convenience. The modern and sleek exterior complements the intuitive interface making it easier for those operating it. The enrolment process is easier, allowing you to add and manage authorised fingerprints quickly.

Multiple Access Methods

Our digital door lock UK comes with fingerprint recognition offering several modes of access that meet your preferences. It includes the option for a mechanical key for backup access along with the keypad to enter a PIN code.

Versatile Installation

Our fingerprint door lock UK is compatible with several standard door types, whether you are installing a new one or replacing an existing lock. It is installed on commercial and residential doors offering seamless integration into your existing security system.

Smart Features

Our biometric door lock UK has smart features enhancing your overall experience. It offers the most comprehensive audit trail enabling you to monitor the entry and exit logs. You can remotely manage access permissions with the help of the Tuya App for varied users, offering complete control over those entering your premises.