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SecureKeep S8 Smart Fingerprint Safe
SecureKeep S8 Smart Fingerprint Safe

SecureKeep S8 Smart Fingerprint Safe

High-Quality Fingerprint Security Box | Safe Lockers For Home | Portable Security Box | Small Size
Save: £20.00
Was £219.99   Now £199.99

Introducing our High-Quality Fingerprint Security Box, the ultimate safeguard for your valuables. Crafted with precision, this Safety Box offers top-notch security in a sleek, portable design

Find the peace of mind that comes with biometric fingerprint access, ensuring only authorized users can unlock it. Its solid black color exudes elegance, perfectly blending into any setting

This electronic safe for home is a sturdy yet lightweight box and easy to carry and relocate, making it ideal for both home and office use. Forget about the hassle of managing apps; our Security Box operates offline, guaranteeing uncompromised privacy

With an impressive battery life of 6 months, you can rely on uninterrupted protection. Protect your assets with confidence today


◆ Colour: Black
◆ Weight: 9 kg
◆ App: No app required, user friendly fingerprint set up and unlocking
◆ Battery life: 6 Months
◆ Material: Carbon steel
◆ Unlock method: Fingerprint and backup key
◆ Battery voltage: 4.5 V

Protect your personal belongings with confidence today!

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