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Stalwart P10

Stalwart P10

High Quality Fingerprint Door Lock | Tuya Smart Unlocking Remote App

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Home Security Smart Door Lock with Tuya App Integration and Enhanced Security

Introducing our High-Quality Fingerprint Door Lock, designed for ultimate security and convenience! This state-of-the-art lock combines cutting-edge technology with Tuya Smart Unlocking Remote App, making access easier than ever. 

With its advanced fingerprint recognition, you can bid farewell to keys and codes. Simply scan your fingerprint to unlock it instantly! The sleek and robust design ensures durability and complements any door. The Tuya Smart App lets you control access remotely, granting or revoking permissions for family and friends. Feel at ease knowing your home is protected by this intelligent and reliable door lock. Upgrade to a secure future with our smart fingerprint lock today!

  • Keyless Convenience: Unlock your door with a touch of your finger
  • Tuya App Integration: Control and manage your lock remotely through the Tuya App
  • Enhanced Security: Advanced fingerprint technology ensures secure access to your home
  • Keyless Entry: Say goodbye to traditional keys and enjoy a hassle-free entry experience
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