Why Do You Need CCTV for Your Home?

A digital home security system provides a safe and secure environment, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family. It offers protection against various threats such as fire and burglary, ensuring your safety and well-being.

Given that technology is the backbone of your home security system, a camera plays an imperative role. On that note, let’s evaluate the importance of installing CCTV for your home in this post.

CCTV Cameras – An Essential Element of a Security System for Your House

Among other devices in your home security system, a camera serves the most important role. A functional camera acts as the third eye in and outside your house. Security cameras allow you to check strangers or intruders in or around your vicinity.

Imagine a scenario when you are away from your house and have someone taking care of your senior parent. Or worse, you have your little kids inside who are alone. In such cases, monitoring their activities through your smartphone via CCTV footage gives you peace of mind. Besides, it also keeps a check on intruders and deters criminal activities in and around your house.

Even during a break-in or illegal entrance of someone, CCTV footage offers important data for investigation. Since it monitors the home entrance, a security camera can reduce criminal activities. In a home security system, both outdoor and indoor CCTV cameras offer amazing benefits, including these:

  • Monitors Children’s Activities: Keeps a check on your children playing in the yard or spending time at home working or doing something else inside (while being alone)
  • Prevent Pet Theft: Having cameras installed in and around the home allows your pet to roam around freely
  • Car Safety: An outdoor camera deters car theft by recording the activities of intruders who come near the vehicle
  • Protecting Your Garden Furniture: With a CCTV camera, you can keep an eye on your garden furniture to protected against theft
  • Prevent Burglaries: Most importantly, a home security camera deters burglars from entering your house premises

Already convinced to install a CCTV camera inside your house? Let’s not make mistakes with the installation; otherwise, you will face the following repercussions:

Consequences of Installing a CCTV Camera Inappropriately

A wrong installation of a home security system can lead to crucial consequences. Appointing an inefficient installer may result in the following issues:

  • The Camera Setting is Wrong

A camera comprises various settings as per the situation or environment. So, the setup must be configured first to use it effectively. Someone with a keen understanding of the camera setup can easily install the device correctly.

  • The Wrong Placement Of Infrared Cameras

You can buy cameras with an infrared feature to get a better night view. But installing them in areas where you do not get optimal results in the dark is a mistake. It does not affect the output during the daytime or in the presence of lights.

However, the image blacks out after the sun sets in, and there’s no light in that area. Also, if a glass, wall, or shelf reflects back the infrared light to the device, it does not serve night surveillance.

  • Weatherproofing Negligence

No CCTV cameras are weatherproof. So, weatherproofing measures must be implemented during the installation process, especially if it is installed in an outdoor space. It might be vandal-proof, tamper-proof, and may endure rough weather.

  • Unintentionally Invading Your Neighbour’s Privacy

Installing a camera in such a way that it invades someone else’s privacy can lead to legal hassles depending on your region. If you want to ensure maximum security, make sure your neighbours are not getting uncomfortable under surveillance.

  • Wastage of Field of View

Wasting the field of view partially because of a wrong angle is the most common mistake in camera installation. So, make sure you optimise the field of view and offer maximum coverage of the surveillance area.

Top-Notch Features to Look for When Buying Home CCTV Cameras

Narrated below are the features you should look for while purchasing CCTV for your home:

  • Wireless Cameras

These cameras are easier to install than their traditional counterparts. Wireless cameras feature either rechargeable or replaceable batteries. As a new homeowner, you should opt for a wireless camera with a rechargeable battery.

  • Analogue or Digital Cameras

Wi-Fi-connected cameras have a corresponding application that allows you to livestream footage, control cameras, and get motion or person-activated notifications. It can take home monitoring from local to remote.

On the contrary, analogue cameras do not require WiFi connections. If you want to buy a WiFi camera, there are many options to explore. Alternatively, you may opt for a good security camera if you prefer to handle an analogue camera (that does not need WiFi).

  • A Voice Assistance

Voice assistance (for example, Alexa) has become immensely popular these days. With a mere voice command, you can control the camera easily if it includes this feature. So, look for cameras that can be integrated with smart home platforms with voice assistance.

  • Night Vision

Even if there’s no light in and around the area where the camera is installed, infrared night vision allows you to see everything clearly.

  • SD Storage

A camera with a memory card or micro SD card in the IP camera or CCTV camera can store motion-activated records.

Best Products Ruling the Home Security Market

Do you want to install a standalone home security system? You can consider buying indoor and outdoor cameras that offer the utmost functionality. Here are some indoor security camera and outdoor solar camera solutions that rule the market:

  • Indoor Cameras
    • Smart Security Camera Offering 360° Rotational Views
    • Wi-Fi Security Camera Offering Human Detection Feature
  • Outdoor Cameras
    • Wireless Outdoor Solar Security Camera
    • Solar Security Outdoor Camera with Rechargeable Battery and WiFi
    • Security Indoor Camera

So, this post has given a keen understanding of the benefits of CCTV for your home. You can enjoy a holistic home security system for your interior and exterior space. Choose the best suitable one from Triple Locked comprehensive camera and security solutions.

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