Why Is Everyone Going ‘Smart’?

The idea of going ‘smart’ varies from one individual to another, depending on their style and taste. But if you consider technological revolutions, such innovations have made a huge contribution to everyone’s life. The prime intention of these innovative smart solutions is to make your life easier and more comfortable. Take smart home technologies, for example.

Back then, a smart home was a rich man’s luxury. Fast forward to 2023, and a smart security system for your home has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Now that you have finally realised what this post shall narrate – let’s get straight to the point. Here’s a brief on smart technologies you can use for your home.

Introducing the Concept of ‘Smart Homes’ – Thanks to Z Wave Technology

A decade ago, home technologies were simple. But cut to the modern day, you can spot advanced home technologies giving rise to modern houses. Besides bringing smartphones and AI, these innovations have significantly impacted people’s lives, boosting comfortable and simplistic living. Most importantly, eliminating manual errors is the prime focus of smart home technologies that lead to greater efficiency.

Imagine snapping your fingers to switch on the bedroom light. Or how about giving verbal instructions to switch on the living room fan? Yes, all these imaginations have become a reality – kudos to the Z Wave technology.

Z-wave is the wireless communication protocol primarily used in smart homes. What it does is allows devices to connect and exchange data and commands with one another. This technology allows operating home devices.

With a smart security system in your house, you can also monitor your kids’ activities when they are alone. Do you have a caregiver to take care of your senior adult at home? While you are busy in your office, you can simultaneously monitor their activities via a smartphone.

Need 1 Reason to Go Smart with Your Home Security System? Here Are More

Narrated below are the reasons why installing a smart home security system makes sense:

  • Get Real-Time Notifications and Alerts

Every smart house security device sends you notifications for several events. Take the example of a CCTV camera via which you can get alerts of someone entering your house’s entrance gate. Door locks can alert you when someone tries to enter the house forcefully. Smart padlocks prevent unauthorised access to any area of your home.

  • Utmost Security

The prime purpose of a home security system is to protect the house and the family. One of the most common threats in modern society is burglary. A smart home security system gives you complete control over the activities outside your house. Monitor these activities from anywhere (office, home, or any other city) using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

With an outdoor camera, you can monitor any suspicious activities in and around your house premises. You may control the devices using voice commands and a keypad to control the system as per your instructions. So, you can deter burglars from entering your house and prevent theft, including pet and car theft.

  • Store Video Recordings on the Cloud

Door locks and smart cameras record video when motion on sounds are detected. The cloud system stores these clips for you to watch afterward. There are times when a camera cannot record footage 24*7, given that maximum are indoor cameras. In such circumstances, you can save small outdoor clips to the cloud system.

The best is whenever you spot any kind of theft activity, save the clips on your smartphone. Download them and send them to a legal professional for further investigation.

  • Easily Customisable

Smart home security systems can be customisable as per the needs of the customers. Suppose you have a house consisting of two rooms. So you need only a camera and doorbell on your front door. Your neighbour residing in a house with four rooms may require a stronger security system. So that person can add more smart locks and cameras.

For beginners, the whole smart home security system might sound complicated. To begin with, they may want only a small alarm system. So, based on your requirements, a home security system can be installed.

  • Mitigates Manual Errors

Manual locks and keys are easy to use, but keeping track of the keys after locking the door or bike is demanding. In addition, securely keeping keys for the main entrance door lock,  bike lock, and other locks is also not easy.

What if you misplace any one of those keys amidst your work and personal life stress? To mitigate human errors, a smart home security system is a blessing in disguise. You do not need to keep track of these locks. You need to connect modern home security systems to the Internet to monitor activities. So, ultimately, you can get peace of mind with these systems.

What to Include in Your Smart Home Security System?

Now that you have learned the most important  reasons to install a smart home security system –discover what you must include:

  • Indoor Cameras

With smart indoor cameras, you can keep your family safe and secure around your house. Make sure you install them at the right corners from where you can monitor the specific activities.

  • Outdoor Cameras

From deterring car theft to preventing burglary, an outdoor camera does it all. It can capture and record criminal activities around your house. Make sure not to waste the field of view when installing an outdoor camera.

  • Security Boxes

These boxes are designed to withstand natural disasters and protect your important belongings from fires, hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes.

  • Fingerprint Padlocks

Unlike traditional locks, fingerprint locks offer more security. Obviously, one cannot lose fingerprint credentials, biometric locks are the most secure type of smart locks.

  • Smart Door Lock

You no longer need to worry about misplacing keys or taking a spare key if you get a smart door lock installed.These devices allow you to lock and unlock doors via the smartphone or smart lock’s keypad.

  • Baby Monitor (Including a Camera)

Monitoring your baby’s activities has become more straightforward with a baby monitor and camera. You can easily check whether your child is crying or has awakened.

  • Electronic Bike Locks

With an smart bike lock, you do not have to keep a spare bike key. Choose a lock that has an anti-theft feature so that no one can copy the keys. If you wish to choose smart home security that increases energy efficiency, you can install a smart security system for your house by investing in some of the above products. Triple Locked is a one-stop reliable destination for premium quality comprehensive security solutions for a smart home.

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